CX 4.0 – Customer Service Associate (CSA)

Course Overview

Understanding your customer’s expectations for service is the first step in providing an amazing customer support. It is essential that call centres (or now known as contact centres) for customer support understand what customers expect from them, whether their needs are being met and how to improve the service delivery to ensure customers are provided with quality service which translates to a great customer experience.

Over the past few years, the landscape of contact centres has been changing drastically and these pre-existing trends have been accelerated in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, customer support staff in contact centres have to be agile, competent and be able to adapt to the changing technological landscape as well be able to meet higher customer expectations.

Course Objective

The programme provides a practical understanding of the various essential elements, from communication to the use of social media and other relevant tools and techniques that are necessary to drive customer growth, profitability, and loyalty in a call/contact centre.


Blended – Instructor Led Classroom Learning and Online Delivery


  • Must be able to write in English and
  • Must be able to converse in English and
  • Must be a good Listener.

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