Programme Overview

Training and Learning (T&L) program for Foundation of HVM for A Technician are necessary part of preparing new and current employees for the technical and cultural aspects of working in a high volume manufacturing (HVM) operation or plant. Every company has its own unique ways of performing tasks and handling day-to-day operations, and T&L can turn into a long, drawn-out process while everything is explained. Utilize this program to help your HVM operation employees maintain their focus, producing high quality products, world-class high productivity level and positive mind-set.

Course Objectives:

After attending this online course participants will understand:

  • Understanding the basic foundation of a High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) operation
  • Learning and understanding of the HVM foundation of system and control related to Kaizen , process and quality control, 8D reporting and continuous improvement.
  • Learning and understanding of the basic foundation of the problem solving tools and approach.
  • Learning and understanding of the basic foundation of the effective communication in English for the HVM operation.

Who Should Attend?

Unemployed graduates who have obtained SPM/Diploma / Degree

Course Prerequisites

  • None
  • Come with open-minded and ready to embrace change

Course Content

  • Learning objective and key takeaways
  • Mission, Visions, Goal – Ice breaking session
  • Basic English
    o Reading skills
    o Translation skills
    o Understanding skills
    o Writing skills
    o Listening skills
  • Basic English term for Engineering
    o Mechanical
    o Electrical
    o Electronics
    o Products specifications
  • Basic English term for Manufacturing
    o Key metrics or KPIs indicators terms
    o Key controls parameters terms
    o Shop-floor system or MES
  • What is SPC?
  • What is Process Variations?
  • What is SPC Control Chart?
    o Control Chart Variables
    o Control Chart Pattern
  • Why SPC is important in HVM?
  • How the SPC process flow works?
  • Who is the Persin In Charge (PIC)?
  • What is Kaizen?
  • Why we must adopt Kaizen approach in the HVM operation?
  • Kaizen steps
    o GEMBA for potential improvement
    o Analyze current method
    o Generate original ideas
    o Develop an implementation plan
    o Implement the plan
    o Evaluate the new method
    o Critical Success Factor
    o Waste elimination (DOWNTIME)
  • What is Poka Yoke and its philosophy
  • Why Poka Yoke?
  • Origin of Poka Yoke
  • What is PDCA cycle
  • Poka Yoke approach
    o Proactive
    o Reactive
  • Poka Yoke Examples
  • Top 10 mistake that cause error or defective part
  • Seven rules/steps for Poka Yoke in HVM
    o Quality process
    o Teamwork
    o Elimination or errors
    o Eliminate the real root cause of the errors
    o Do it right the 1st time
    o Eliminate the non-value added decision
    o Implement Kaizen
  • What is 8D Problem solving tools?
  • Benefit of 8D Problem Solving tools
  • Importance of 8D Problem Solving in HVM operation
  • Overview of the 8D steps
  • 8D steps explanation with example
    o Step 1
    o Step 2
    o Step 3
    o Step 4
    o Step 5
    o Step 6
    o Step 7
    o Step 8
  • What is Technical Report Writing Skills?
  • Why Technical Writing Skills is important in HVM operation?
  • Best principles for Technical Report Writing
  • Technical Report Writing Structure
    o Internal
    o External
  • Steps
    o Title/Subject
    o Background
    o Problem statement & current baseline data/information
    o Objective/Goals/Target
    o Proposed changed/method/approach
    o Analysis of data and performance
    o Results
    o Conclusion and discussion
    o Final proposal
    o Budget and ROI

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