Microsoft Excel 2016/2019 Level 1, 2 & 3

Level 1 (Intro)

Course Objectives

  • Identify basic worksheet and workbook concepts and terms
  • Enter & edit data
  • Modify the worksheet
  • Use functions to calculate and return values
  • Format cells to enhance the appearance of your worksheet
  • Use drawing features and other enhancements
  • Change the page set-up to define how the printed worksheet appears.

Duration: 1 Day

Level 2 (Intermediate)

Course Objectives

  • Using multiple worksheets, workbooks and workspaces
  • Working with Financial functions
  • Use advanced formatting techniques
  • Using the Auditing Tools to track information
  • Using charts to display financial data
  • Use Templates.

Duration: 1 Day

Level 3 (Advance)

Course Objectives

  • Creating, Maintaining, Filtering and using Subtotals in a List
  • Recording, Assigning and Using Macros
  • Creating and Using User-Defined Functions
  • Performing “What If” Analyses
  • Working with Scenarios
  • Querying a Database
  • Importing and Exporting Files and Data
  • Protecting Data
  • Pivot Tables, Reports and Charts.
  • Other Advanced Business Analysis Tools

Duration: 2 Days

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