The objective of this vocational training program is to train retrenched insured SOCSO employee and to enhance of their employability after training completed.

Requirement (T&C): Retrenched Employee (*contributed for SOCSO more than 12months)

*Registered under SOCSO EIS (Employment Insurance System) only

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Microsoft Word 2016 (Beginner to Advanced)

Participant will learn below topics:
• Create and save documents for easy retrieval.
• Insert and delete text to edit a document.
• Move, copy, and replace text.
• Modify text for emphasis.
• Learn document and paragraph formatting.
• Set and remove tab stops to enhance document appearance.
• Use margins, indents, bullets, and numbering to change text layout.

Course code: 77-725
Course fees: RM 1,200
Durations: 3 days

Course Outline

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Microsoft Excel 2016 (Beginner to Advanced)

Identify basic worksheet and workbook concepts and terms Enter & edit data Modify the worksheet Use functions to calculate and return values Format cells to enhance the appearance of your worksheet Use drawing features and other enhancements Change the page set-up to define how the printed worksheet appears.

Course code: 77-727
Course fees: RM 1,200
Durations: 4 days

Course Outline

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MS PowerPoint 2016 (Beginner to Intermediate)

Create and edit simple presentations Enhance presentations by formatting Use the drawing tools to create and edit logos & pictures Insert objects Apply Slide design Set-up presentations for printing purposes Create and automate screen shows

Course code: 77-729
Course fees: RM 750
Durations: 2 days

Course Outline

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Microsoft Access 2016 (Beginner to Advanced)

Most job roles today involve some form of data management. In the case of data workers, it may be their primary job task. For some, such as research scientists and accountants, data management may be a strong component of the job. And for others, such as sales clerks or those in the skilled trades, data management may consist of an incidental job responsibility, for example, time reporting or recording a sale. Virtually everyone is affected in some way by the need to manage data. A relational database application such as Microsoft Office Access 2016 can help you and your organization collect and manage large amounts of data. Access is a versatile tool. You can use it as a personal data management tool (for your use alone), or you can use it as a construction set to develop applications for an entire department or organization. In this course, you will use Access 2016 to manage your data, including creating a new database; constructing tables; designing forms and reports; and creating queries to join, filter, and sort data.

Course code: 77-730
Course fees: RM 1,200
Durations: 3 days

Course Outline

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